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All Day

Polo Clinics


$400 per person - you bring your own horses


$1250  per person - we'll give you horses

Sometimes you need more than a lesson...

Luis and his team offer an all day clinic for polo players.This is an intense and condensed day of learning.  The day will start out with a pre-game meeting in the club house with a light breakfast and strategy session.  You'll play 4 chukkers with on the spot explanations of the rules, what went right and what went wrong.  After a break for lunch, there is a white boarding session along with video review of common plays.

 We'll end the day with intense riding drills that concentrate on the areas we saw you needing help with.  How's your near side? Can you make all your penalty shots? Are you getting beat in your ride offs?  Need help with particular moves with your horse; stopping, turning, leaving quick, etc...   Let us help!

9am - Breakfast and pre-game meeting

10am - 4 chukkers

12 noon - Lunch in the club house

1pm - White boarding and video analysis

2:00 - Drills and riding practice

3:00 - Farewell Champagne

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