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Santa Clara Polo Club has been a staple in the Wellington community for over 30 years.  Founded by Francisco Escobar in 1984 and later expanded by his son, Luis; the club today has over 40 acres of property with everything you need for world class polo. 


Santa Clara is one of the last family owned polo clubs in Wellington, offering access to the public. Their long standing reputation for hospitality and professionalism attracts the best players in the game. You never know who you'll play with there. You could play in a practice with a 10 goal player one day, and a game against a winner of the US Open the next... There's never a dull moment, yet safety and sportsmanship is of top importance. 

Located in the heart of Wellington, Santa Clara Polo Club is 1.8 miles from the International Polo Club and less than 5 miles from WEF and Global Dressage. You can't get a better location in Winter Equestrian Capital of the World.


At Santa Clara, you will be treated like part of the family. Your success is a family matter.


Luis Escobar



Born in Costa Rica, Luis Escobar is a former 8 goal player who started playing polo at the age of 7. He and his family would travel back and forth from Costa Rica to Wellington to play polo during the winters. At age 15, he was invited by Gonzalo Pieres to play on the 20 goal White Birch team. The rest is history.

Luis fell in love with the sport and decided to move to Wellington full time where he attended college at Florida Atlantic University.  He and his wife, Georgette and their two boys live in Wellington and continue to be integral members of the polo community in the Winter Equestrian Capital of the World.


Nico Escobar



Nico is a 5 goal player and like his father, he caught his first break from the Pieres family. At age 16 he was invited by Facundo Pieres to play in the 20 goal league for the Orchid Hill polo team. His polo career includes many victories including NYTS (National You Tournament Series), America's Cup, Pacific Coast Open, Grand Champion's 12 goal league, Bob Barry Memorial and the Iglehart Cup. He graduated from Palm Beach International Academy High School in 2018 and currently attends Palm Beach Atlantic University.


Lucas Escobar

Lucas is a 3 goal polo professional.   He has countless wins on his resume to include the NYTS (National Youth Tournament Series), Westchester Cup in England, America’s Cup, Pacific Coast Open, Grand Champions 12 goal league and was one of the youngest players in the 2020 Gauntlet of Polo, playing for world-renowned Pilot polo team in the 22 goal league.  Once again, it's the Pieres family who recognized the talent in the youngest Escobar. This time, Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres gave Lucas his career changing opportunity. Lucas graduated from Palm Beach International Academy High School in 2021. He currently attends Palm Beach State College.

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